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A long-established, Italian-crafted brand, Felisi designs and produces collections that are truly one of a kind, with an original, exclusive style. Felisi bags are designed and crafted to last, to remain a faithful travelling companion or work colleague to the extent where they become one with their owner. Felisi products are created using top-of-the-range leather, together with canvas or nylon in a huge variety of colours and combinations. The Felisi crest belongs to the noble family from Ferrara. The tree heavy with golden apples that adorns the shield symbolises the fertility of the land owned by the family.

Felisi, since 1973

Felisi began life in Ferrara in 1973 as a small craft workshop. Today it has become a top-class, world-renowned firm able to boast an increasingly refined, demanding, faithful clientele that has allowed it to gain a solid foothold not only in European markets, but also in the USA and Asia, especially in Japan. Since its inception, the cornerstone of the company has been its sound, on-going cooperation with the finest of leather artisans. Throughout its history, the secret of Felisi’s success has been the lengthy experience of the craftswomen who have learned the trade within the company, taking on board its long-standing tradition and acquiring skills just as they might in a school or workshop. Felisi is deeply rooted in the Ferrara area, home to both the laboratory and the factory, thus guaranteeing careful, direct supervision of each and every process and painstaking packaging of the accessories in line with the very highest of quality standards.

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A city that lay at the centre of the Italian Renaissance as a result of its exceptional cultural and architectural tradition, Ferrara has earned recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Within and beyond the city walls, craft activities have for centuries played a pivotal role in both the industry and culture of Ferrara. Felisi’s lengthy experience is part and parcel of this rich industrial and cultural fabric, and the signature features of the brand have always been tradition and quality craftsmanship, the invaluable raw materials from which the company’s business and skills are shaped. In an area not renowned for its leather industry, Felisi gave rise to a whole new conception of leather craft.