A long-established, Italian-crafted brand, Felisi designs and produces collections that are truly one of a kind, with an original, exclusive style.Felisi bags are designed and crafted to last, to remain a faithful travelling companion or work colleague to the extent where they become one with their owner. Felisi products are created using top-of-the-range leather, together with canvas or nylon in a huge variety of colours and combinations.


Felisi began life in Ferrara in 1973 as a small craft workshop. Today it has become a top-class, world-renowned firm able to boast an increasingly refined, demanding, faithful clientele that has allowed it to gain a solid foothold not only in European markets, but also in the USA and Asia, especially in Japan.


A city that lay at the centre of the Italian Renaissance as a result of its exceptional cultural and architectural tradition, Ferrara has earned recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Within and beyond the city walls, craft activities have for centuries played a pivotal role in both the industry and culture of Ferrara.