Multi-Millionaires - High Roller Casino Players

Probably, anyone dreams of winning much money and life in a grand style. And gambling is a sure way to have a lot of fun and make a packet. What is more, many professional gamblers know how to make money enjoying their favourite game such as slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc. In this article you’ll get acquainted with the richest casino players in the world.


But, first of all, you should get familiar with the gambling slang and understand the definition of the term “high roller”. This word is used to describe a player who wages large amounts of money playing this or that game in a casino. Usually, such people expect winning big while playing in the top rated casinos. And more to the point, they get different benefits from casino management, such as free limousine use or private jet transfer. Such comps help attract a lot of billionaires and lure them into playing. Also, other benefits that such players receive include:

  • Access to VIP rooms
  • Meals cooked by world-famous chefs
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Special attention from the casino staff
  • Penthouse suits

Online Casino Multi-Millionaires

1. ‘Angela’

A 47-year-old woman wished to stay an anonymous player won over $1 million on Playtech branded slot Gladiator. The married mother of 2 kids said she planned to “give up work” after the bet brought her the big mobile jackpots. Playing on her iPhone, Job Centre worker, who is married to a lorry driver and is currently residing in Milton Keynes. The woman triggered the prize on

2. ‘Anonymous’

Over $18 million jackpot in the Mega Moolah game was paid out to the anonymous player on Friday 28 September, 2019. The user earned it at Grand Mondial Casino from Microgaming.

3. Jon Heywood

The record-breaking paid out was made at UK Betway to Jon Heywood. In 2015, the gambler from the United Kingdom gained about $20 million win.

Land-based Casino Multi-Millionaires


1. Kerry Packer

He was one of the most authoritative men in Australia. He wasn’t just a businessman, but also a fan of gambling known for his large wins and losses. In 1995 he received $20 million enjoying his favourite table game, blackjack, at the MGM Grand. However, take into account that he wasn’t always on a roll and lost about $28 million in 1999.


2. Tobey Maguire

Probably, you know this famous actor for his role in Spiderman films. At the same time, very few people know that his real superpower is gambling, specifically poker. According to RadarOnline Maguire was winning around $1 million per month for 3 years while playing at the underground Hollywood’s poker club organized by Ruderman. Among other members of this club were such popular screen stars as Leonardo DiCaprio with Matt Damon.


3. Ben Affleck

This is another famous “superhero” that is known not only for his Batman role but also for being a professional blackjack and poker player. He wasn’t even allowed to play at Hard Rock casino after he had won a $xxx xxx sum there. Even though the casino management invited Affleck to try out any other game available, he declined that proposition. Furthermore, he gave away all the winnings to the staff of this casino.


4. Dana White

This man was one of the most committed high rollers at the Palms casino. He constantly made a sort of big stakes, about $25 000 at a time. Besides, he liked dining at their N9BE steakhouse, where he usually left near $10 000 tips. However, everything changed when he had won $2 million while playing blackjack. After it, the casino management halved White’s credit limit. Dana was so disappointed that he stopped visiting Palms casino and started playing at Caesars Palace.


5. David Einhorn

This is a person who proves that it’s possible to be both a successful investor and a poker player. In 2006 he took part in a professional poker tournament where he won $659 730. After it, he managed to take third place at another competition in 2012. This victory brought him more than $4 million.


6. Mike Ashley

This businessman from the United Kingdom adores spending his money on gambling. In 2008 this gambler bet £480 000 that brought him £820 00 in fifteen minutes. The interesting fact is that Mike dispersed all his bets near the number 17, which he considers to be a lucky one.


It’s possible to continue this list endlessly. The gambling industry is so old that you can find thousands of amazing high roller stories. In case you want to get more information about them, you should definitely read about the life of such popular gamblers as Don Johnson, Kerry Packer, and Charles Barkley. The names of these high rollers are well-known in the history of the gambling industry.


As you can see all these high rollers managed to BURN CASINOS and other players at some point. They are real winners who face risks and aim to reach the highest results. Since such multi millionaires high roller casino players keep betting big, there will be always large winnings. On the other hand, there is always a chance that they can lose all their money.

Besides, due to the development of the gambling industry, now anyone can win real money via the Internet and even become a new high roller. Although there are many ways to do it, you should certainly check out the online casinos:

  • Dunder
  • Casumo
  • Betway
  • VegasCasino
  • Rizk

Feel right at home? They will allow you enjoying your favourite pastime even without a need to leave it. And, maybe, one day you’ll become the main character of your own casino success story. Remember that you always have to believe in yourself and shoot for the stars if you want to reach real success.